This is Why I Love Prints

In this video blog, I discuss how I fell in love with photography and prints specifically.  It all started with my boss telling me to ‘get a hobby’.  Life is a journey and this is one of the reasons that I advocate on behalf of printed images.  Photography is my passion and my creative outlet.  Digital images just don’t communicate the feeling that a printed image can, in my opinion.  As a professional, I have formed my business around this belief that my Art isn’t Art until it’s in its printed form.

So much photography today never touches paper – we are at risk of future generations being forgotten should the ‘cloud’ system we thrive on fail.  Digital files can become corrupt, which is why its even more important now to index your memories in printed albums.

Thanks for watching!

beach senior portraits - tampa, St. Petersburg photographer

Amanda Pratt

Certified Professional Photographer/ Owner

Imagine Life Visual Artistry

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Madeira Beach Florida Professional Photographer 

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