St. Petersburg Photographer’s Senior Portraits: Class of 2002

A Visit Home Yields A Trip Down Memory Lane

This July I went back home. I grew up in Michigan and we moved to Florida four years ago. We haven’t been back to visit in a couple of years and this visit, in particular, was to see family. When we got home we visited the house I grew up in. My mother and father are getting ready to sell it and we decided to go through some old photographs so we all got to keep the photos that were particularly important to us. As I sifted through the photos reliving childhood memories, I became very grateful that we had photos to document our family trips, holidays spent together and important milestones.
One of the biggest milestones for me was my senior year of high school. It’s hard to believe I graduated 15 years ago! Yes, this senior portrait photographer had her senior portraits done.  Senior portraits back in 2002 were not the same as they are today. I had my senior portraits taken at Kmart and I fought my mom the entire way. Of course the day of my pictures, I got excited about it.  I dressed up, curled my hair and picked out my outfits. They were running a special that day that included 2 – 16x20 oval canvas prints and I remember my mom saying ‘What are we gonna do with these?!’ We weren’t the type of people to hang pictures on the wall especially not a size 16 x 20, But we purchased them anyway.  They sat in storage, in a box for the past 15 years.
When we got to my house the first thing that my mom did was hand Stew, my boyfriend of four years, the box and said ‘Here, I’ve been saving these for you.’  I didn’t know what was in the box right away and when he started pulling them out, I remembered.  Stew had never seen my natural hair color or me with long hair so this was a treat for him.  Now I get to show them to my clients so I can prove to them that I did have my senior portraits done!
I value having these prints 15 years later. What I always tell my senior clients is ‘This may not mean a lot to you right now, but in 15 years when you come back home to visit and you look at your senior portraits, it’s going to mean a lot to you then.’  The funny thing is: everyone thought back then that we would have digital files on a cd that we would keep forever. You know what? I have no clue where any of the CD’s are that I bought my senior year and beyond – Not a SINGLE one of them.  But I have the prints we created because they are a physical, visual representation of each memory from my youth that have outlived any digital files we had. I cherish these now and it’s fun to look back at images and remember who you were at that point in life, what you looked like, what your style was and how much you have really changed since then.
Yes, I’m a natural redhead And yes, I miss my long hair!
I’ve been through a lot in the past 15 years and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Your Photographers Senior Portraits circa 2002 tampa photographer st petersburg ilvartistry

Your Photographers Senior Portraits circa 2002 tampa photographer st petersburg ilvartistry

Your Photographers Senior Portraits circa 2002 tampa photographer st petersburg ilvartistry

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