Have additional questions?

Do you have a studio? Where can we get our pictures taken?
I do! I recently moved into a home studio where sessions can be performed indoors! This is nice for those sweltering Florida summers. Most sessions are on location and we have many that we use regularly, although we are open to your location ideas as well! Remember, there is a charge for travel outside of Pinellas County at a rate of .575 per mile as well as a lodging fee if the location requires an overnight stay. If a location requires airfare, client will be charged expenses incurred by our staff including airfare, lodging, transportation and per diem for photographer and assistant.
How long will it take to see my images? Will you post some ‘sneak peeks’ on facebook?

Sessions can take 1-2 weeks to cull, retouch and prepare for your image reveal session. That being said, we work very hard to turn around sessions as soon as possible so it is likely we will contact you to say ‘Hey! Your session is ready ahead of schedule!’

We no longer post ‘sneak peeks’ onto social media platforms. Sorry!

How many poses do I get?

As an artist, the photographer focuses on capturing candid, unplanned moments. Therefore, we do not limit or plan the number of ‘poses’ a client gets. When children are involved, we try to ‘loosen them up’ by starting a session with simple, tradition posing and transition to ‘in the moment’ shooting once they are comfortable enough to laugh at our ‘fart’ and ‘booger’ jokes (everyone laughs when we use those words!) After all, aren’t unplanned moments the best?! In studio sessions tend to flow more smoothly also if we plan by outfit rather than by pose ☺

Does the session come with images on a disc?

Session fees do not come with images on a disc or any other products. All products are purchased separately at your image reveal and design consultation after your session. That being said, we do offer digital images at a higher price point than print products which comes with a release to print over and over again. We do not offer digitals on a disc – any digital images purchased will be downloadable for a limited time from an online gallery provided after your order has been placed.

Do I HAVE to do an in person image reveal session? Can I just pick from an online gallery?

Short answer: YES! Anyone who will be placing an order or making purchasing decisions should be present at the image reveal & ordering session. We offer a 10 percent discount off of our regular print prices for all a la carte print products ordered at the image reveal session (does not include digitals, wall gallery collections or special offers since they are already discounted for you). So if your wife, husband, mother or Aunt Martha needs to be there to actually place the order, then be sure the date and time you select for your design session works for them. On the other hand, there is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen, so keep your group small and leave the kiddos at home to ensure a more relaxed and uninterrupted session.

We no longer offer online galleries as an option for ordering prints, however, if you purchase digital images at your image reveal & ordering session, a gallery will be made available to you for easy downloading.

What if I’ve never really printed images for my walls? How do I know what sizes to get and where to hang them?
Your images are sure to be your very favorite artwork. Artfully done portraits of you, your family and/ or your children will speak volumes to all who enter your home as to where you see beauty. During your design consulting, we’ll have many suggestions for you—all careful considerations based on your lifestyle, home and the pieces you choose. Feel free to send us photos of your home or, if you prefer, invite us for a visit to your home to take photos for you so that we can pre design your gallery – free of charge.
Will I get proofs?
When you meet a spending threshold, you will receive an adorable box full of 4×6 images matted to 5×7 size for framing or gifting. We choose the ‘Top Ten’ fully retouched images from your gallery and individually print, matte and package each image. This is pretty special as we are one of the few photography companies left that even print proofs anymore! Clients love receiving this gift incentive!
What can I expect to invest on my photo shoot and prints?

We charge a “sitting fee” for the photography session which includes the time and costs of the photographer and others in the planning consultation, photo session, and image reveal & design consultation. Please note that session fees are non-refundable and do not include any products, prints or digital files. Most of our products, including our prints, are priced à la carte to give our customers the freedom to order exactly what they want. Wall Galleries are priced in bundles to further assist customers in choosing ready-to-hang pieces for their home. Most of our clients plan to spend at least $1,000 to $3,500 on their custom photography experience. Of course, we welcome clients with any budget. Contact our studio for a full pricing menu.