Why Albums are so Important

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite printed product is – the answer is easy: Albums.

Albums for me, are a way to relive an entire experience: a day at the fair, a beach getaway, a birthday, a wedding etc.  An album can tell that story from start to finish, highlight the details that you may have missed that day and help you remember everything that was so great about it.

They are also a great way to share a person’s legacy.  We recently inherited Stew’s grandparents wedding album from the 40’s. I have never gotten to meet Stew’s grandparents, but through this story I am able to get to know them.  I am able to be at their wedding and see the love that they shared, all those years ago, that led (years later) to Stew being the man that he is today.

That, to me, is why Albums are the most important printed product you could invest in for you and your family.

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