5 Creative Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom

1)  Beauty and the Beast Promposal

‘I’ve been looking for a princess to take to the ball’
‘Every princess needs a prince – Will you be my queen and go to Prom with me?’
‘I’m a beast looking to take a beauty to prom’
‘I’ll be your beast, will you be my belle?’
‘PROM? Say yes before the last petal falls off!’



2)  Basketball Promposal

‘Let’s have a ball at the prom’
‘Want to take a shot at prom?’
‘Hey MVP- Will you go to Prom with me?’
‘I finally got the balls to ask so let’s take a shot’
‘It would be a ‘slam dunk’ if you went to prom with me’


3)  Harry Potter Promposal

‘I’m seeking a prom date and I think you’re a keeper’
‘I may not be Harry Potter but can I be your chosen one for the Prom?’
‘Owl was Wand-ering if you would make Prom Magical with me?’
‘Would you Slytherin to Prom with this Gryffindor?’

4)  Other Sports Promposals

‘It would be my GOAL to go to prom with you’ (Soccer)
‘I heard you wanted to RUN to prom with me: Just Do It’ (Track)
‘I’d DIG it if you went to prom with me’ (Volleyball)
‘Wanna tackle Prom with me?’ (Football)

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5)  Food Promposals

‘this is cheesy but, ‘Prom?’
‘Roses are red, Donuts are the bomb, Do me a favor and come with me to Prom’
‘Let’s taco bout prom – You’d be loco not to go with me!’
‘My heart would FRY if you didn’t go to Prom with me’
‘I’ve never asked anyone to Prom before so I’m just gonna WING it: Will you go to Prom with me?’
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